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The Right Way To Build a Barbed Wire Fence

Building a barbed wire fence can be done by any do-it-yourselfer with the right tools and a little know-how.

You can use the knowledge my associate and I have acquired through the years as professional fence builders (by the way, that's me on the left side of this page).

Barbed Wire Fence
Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Our experience has taught us to see fences as living things in their environment.

Our products have come into existence through the frustration of necessity. They are tools we really use to make our work easier.

We use them because they simplify the challenges of building a strong, lasting fence line.

Our products and knowledge have been developed through years of trial and error, plus many hours spent in the rocking chair contemplating how to make our job easier.

Build Your Fence Right, The First Time

We want you to build your wire fence the right way, the first time, so you can avoid having to build it again.

Many folks have built a fence, thought they'd done the job right, then found a sagging useless mess of wire the very next spring.

Our company has built barbed wire fences successfully for many years. We know how to do the job right.

Barbed Wire Fencing Resources

Fence Tools

fencing tools
Here's a List of Fencing Tools You Will Need to do your project right

Fencing Supplies

fencing supplies
Needed Fencing Supplies Determined By Size and Type of Project


fence repair
How to Set Your Fence Posts and Common Problems

The Professional's Trick To Do It Yourself Installation

fence installation
How To Do Your Own Fence Installation

About Us

fencing company
Ask Belle a Question About Our fencing company

Why Mother Nature Wants Your Wire Fence To Fail

Wire Fence Physics
Ever wonder why it's hard to build a good barbed wire fence? Take our course in wire fence physics

Self-Set Anchor

Bracewing Fencing Tool
Discover How To Stop Your Braces From Pulling Out Of the Ground With the Bracewing Self-Setting Fencepost Anchor

Post Support System

Fensavr Fence Post Tool
Stop Fencepost Settling With FENSAVR Steel Post Support System.

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Fence
Everything You Ever Needed to Know (and more) about Barbed Wire.

Musings on Wire Fence

Wire Fence
The History and Environmental Philosophy of the Wire Fence.

Top of Barbed Wire Fence

Fencing Tools
What fencing tools do you need to get the job done right? the fence tools you will need depends upon your project.
Important fencing supplies
Fencing supplies you need to get the job done right. The materials you want to build the right fence.
Bracewing Fencepost Anchor
Bracewing Fencepost Anchor: Using a SelfSet Fencepost Anchor at the bottom of a brace post assures more stability by wedging into the soil, thus anchoring the post.
FENSAVR fencepost support system
FENSAVR Fencepost Support Sytem: stops your steel fenceposts from sinking due to snow load, soft soils, and livestock pressure.
Barbed wire fence repair
Fence repair is a matter of seeing the problem areas in your fenceline and fixing them, one fence post at a time.
Barbed Wire Fence Design
Fence design basics: designing a barbed wire fence is not complicated as long as you think the process through, have the right equipment and use common sense and moderation.
Wire Gate - How To Build One
Wire gate - How to build a strong and workable gate for your barbed wire fence.
Fence Posts
Types of fence posts and the knowledge you need to design a cost efficient barbed wire fence that needs little maintenance.
Barbed Wire Fence Blog
Barbed wire fence blog will keep you up to date with fence repair for livestack and rangeland.

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